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  1. Espressos, cappuccinos and other specialty coffee drinks are elegant. An espresso bar adds sophistication and flair to your event.
  2. A specialty coffee bar says you care about your guests. The plain ol’ cup of joe or chai served at most receptions can’t compare to drinks prepared to order by a trained barista.
  3. Bellying up to an espresso bar is a great addition to regular bar service. For those guests who need some sobering up, there’s nothing better than a double espresso to do the trick before you send them on their way!
  4. The inclusion of specialty coffee is seen as healthy and socially responsible. Many folks are seeking out non-alcoholic beverage alternatives.
  5. Create buzz about your event like no other service can, literally! Leave a lasting impression on your guests.
  6. Coffee stimulates conversation and camaraderie. Think about some of the fantastic discussions you’ve had with friends chatting over a latté at your favorite coffee house.
  7. Think “affordable luxury” when you hire a specialty coffee caterer. In most cases, two hours of unlimited service costs less than you spend on most other additions.

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